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Fire District 5 Commissioners Approve Purchasing New Power Gurneys

Grays Harbor Fire District 5 Board of Commissioners voted to approve purchasing 2 Stryker Power Gurneys at their monthly meeting in February. These power Gurneys were one of the items on the list of things needed to be funded by the EMS levy that thanks to voters approved in November 2016.

Fire Chief Prater Says “that when he took over as the districts fire chief 6 years ago district 5 was the one of the few department in respect to Grays Harbor County to still be using manual gurneys. It was a goal of his from day one to replace them with power lift gurneys”.

Power lift Gurneys have proven to help with the safety of the medical responders and patients that we care for. The use of these types of gurneys have proven to be a major factor in decreasing on the job injuries that are caused from lifting and loading patients to and from ambulances.

A committee comprised of staff and volunteers from the district evaluated options from different vendors. The evaluations looked at cost, build of the gurneys and feasibility to our needs when working with patients and considering medical responders. The district opted to go with the purchase of 2 Stryker Power – Proxt Gurneys with performance load systems for the 2 primary ambulances.

The Stryker Gurneys are also compatible with the loading system of other agencies that we provide and work with on mutual aid agreements. Interoperability is important.

The cost of the 2 Gurneys are $106,660 financed for 5 years at 0% interest. The district will make annual payments of $21,332.