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Invenergy Donates $5,000 to Fire District 5

Grays Harbor Fire District 5 received a donation of $5,000 on January 30, 2017 from Invenergy, a commercial business resident of the Port of Grays Harbor, Satsop Business Park in east Grays Harbor.

Invenergy has been a big supporter of Grays Harbor Fire District 5 in the past with a prior donation of a a $10,000 OHD FIT test machine to the District that allows us to do our initial and annual SCBA mask fit test as required by State and Federal law. They also made donations towards the repairs of a donated ladder truck, and assisted the district in making 2 loan payments on our primary fire engine back in 2007 for around 20,000 each during a time when the district was experiencing financial hardships, a situation that has since been rectified.

Invenergy is also known as Grays Harbor Energy, and is a company dedicated to clean power alternatives and continued innovation in electricity generation. The plant began commercial operations in 2008, a natural gas-fueled power generation project in Elma, Washington.  For those that may not be familiar with the location of this plant, it is the plant that produces the steam that billows from the hillside  that you see while driving on State Route 12 to and from Elma. 

Fire Chief Prater says “The fire district has yet to decide where the funds will be spent, but we have need to purchasing some rescue equipment and items to make improvements to allow us to have better connection to new a dispatching system upgrade that the Grays Harbor County 911 Dispatch is working on”. The decision on where the money will go has not been decided.