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Porter Station Manned By Volunteers On Wednesdays.


Volunteers play a big part in our fire district and this new project was brought to us by two of the Porter Volunteers is being given a chance.

You may have seen and met these two volunteers that are heading up this project for the fire district.  EMT Shirley Mitchell and firefighter Gina Copas supported the fire district immensely during the fair this past summer manning the first aid booth almost every day and sometimes doing double shifts.  '

Now, these two volunteers are manning the Porter fire station on Wednesdays from 8 AM to 8 PM. 

While doing a volunteer shift at the porter station these two will be available for EMS and Fire response calls throughout the district but also gives the community access to our services that may not always be able to make it up to our main station.  Things like blood pressure checks, questions about the fire and ems service or responses and much more can be answered.  

At the moment these are the only 2 in this program but the district is opening it up for other possibilities to expand at other stations as well as for other volunteers within the Porter area to assist,  

While it may be hard to figure out if the station is staffed right now, you can always stop in and say hi when you see vehicles parked at the station.  Chief Prater says "we are looking into maybe a sign, or something that will signify that the station is staffed." 

Volunteers make a lot of things possible that regular staff members sometimes just cannot do,  If you have interest in volunteering with the fire district the following link has more information -