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Grays Harbor Raceway And Fans Sends Second Donation to Grays Harbor Fire District 5


Grays Harbor Fire District 5 received a second donation this year from the Pass The Helmet at this last weekends final race and event at the Grays Harbor Raceway operated by Steve Beitler Motorsports and from the Raceway fans.

Back in May of this year Grays Harbor Fire District 5 had received a similar donation in the amount of $600.00, with this donation topping $1,017.00 bringing the total of donations from Raceway Fans to $1,617.00.

The Grays Harbor Raceway over the past few years has donated funds to the district to help with unfunded projects in the area of EMS.  The Raceway does what is called a pass the hat/driver helmet from time to time at the race events held at the Elma Fairgrounds.  The donations gathered from pass the hat/helmets are then passed along to the organizations that have been sponsored.

Back in May, the district mentioned plans to use the funds to help pay for wireless connect-ability for the Ambulances and command vehicles to help with EMS reporting and command of incidents. 

With recent changes to the Grays Harbor 911 dispatch system the wireless connectivity will give us the ability to quickly relay information, and get information on medical incidents from our dispatch center, as well as sending of medical reports to our data center for secure storage.

The total cost estimate for this project is somewhere around $9,000.00 in which fire district does not have funds for these projects due to budget limitations from the loss of $100,000.00 of tax revenue from this year’s pro-rationing. We are far from the goal but every little bit helps to get us closer and donations like this are greatly appreciated from the bottom of each and every responder's heart.

Thank you to Steve Beitler, Burt Johnson and the rest of the Grays Harbor Raceway family for this generous donation.