Members Area

Fall 2018

Some changes and updates are being made to the website slowly.  Per Chief Prater he requested to make sure that EVERYONE can log into the website.  As you can see we have on the right side of the website forms and policies that are kept up to date for you to access. 

We will also be testing adding the staff ad volunteer calendars to the website.  Different than from what was coded over a year ago.  There will always be changes and I will always try and keep everyone updated on this end of things. 


Many of you may not know or understand the pains that it goes to create a cohesive website that can bring together communication and organization.  The recent development of our website started a year ago and hopefully, with all that goes into this, we can accomplish the goal of creating that better communications and organizing information for district members.

The website brings back some old and new functionality and will allow us to grow with more.

  • Monthly training calendar for both public and internal use
  • Resident volunteer shift sign up calendar for internal use 
  • Event coverage scheduling 
  • Document access such as forms and policy and procedures.
  • Photo Gallery is back up and working 
  • Press release area with our own articles written by the PIO. 

More to come.  

Department Forms

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Department Policies

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